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At #enaevents we design and implement the live, hybrid and remote participation events with complete success.

Why choose enaevents?

Our experienced team offers innovative solutions for your every event.

The detection of your particular needs, guidance, continuous training, timely preparation and the selection of the appropriate partnerships guarantee the perfect result of your own event.

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Complete event organization services

Live Events

We create unforgettable events with an emphasis on detail. We design unique badges, manage registration and check-in supporting every aspect of your event.

Hybrid Events

We offer a complete event experience, connecting speakers and attendees, wherever they are, through the all-in-one #enaeventsbuilder digital platform.

Remote Participation Events

We organize hybrid events, with physical and remote presence. We leverage the modern technologies and know-how of #enaevents for your hybrid conference, conference or corporate event.


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Are you planning a special experience? Take full control of your event with the #enaevents builder tool that makes it easy to plan, schedule and execute your event

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