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Everything you need to host a successful live, hybrid or remote event

#enaevents offers you a multitude of solutions that will make your events stand out

Event planning

We plan every detail of your event for an even result that will achieve all the goals you have set.

Implementation of events

In collaboration with you, we choose the appropriate venues, the necessary tools and the ideal partners to undertake the support of the event before, during and after its completion.

Choose your event type

Live Events

We create unforgettable events with an emphasis on detail. We design unique badges, manage registration and check-in supporting every aspect of your event.

Hybrid Events

We offer a complete event experience, connecting speakers and attendees, wherever they are, through the all-in-one #enaeventsbuilder digital platform.

Remote Events

We organize hybrid events, with physical and remote presence. We leverage the modern technologies and know-how of #enaevents for your hybrid conference, conference or corporate event.

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Let's plan your next event together

Personalized page for your event

Easily and quickly create a unique page to display your event and present all the necessary information

Easy and fast registration process

Facilitate and simplify the online and on-site registration process of your event participants

Contactless check-in process

Simplify the check-in and identification process with the use of digital or printed personal badges and the possibility to scan them contactlessly


Take advantage of the possibility of simultaneous live presence and live streaming to remote participants

Communication with participants

Easily and quickly interact with your event attendees via email wherever they are


Learn to build your own events with simple steps and the use of the #enaeventsbuilder digital tool

Choose the ideal venue for your event

We suggest the appropriate space that will serve all the needs of your event

Get to know our space.

We host your event in our specially designed space, #enahub, a meeting point of people and ideas from every sector with the common goal of development in education, economy and entrepreneurship. In the multi-functional space #enahub we organize corporate, educational, scientific conferences, days and workshops with complete success. Make your reservation

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